Reclaimed Wood Flooring Gaithersburg, MDProfessional Reclaimed Wood Flooring in Gaithersburg, MD

If you are looking for very unique, one-of-a-kind flooring, reclaimed wood flooring from Gaithersburg, MD is definitely are a great option. We consider reclaimed wood as creating a work of art for our clients. With boards available from 2 to 16 inches wide, coming in very long lengths, reclaimed wood can be installed as flooring surface for any room.

Royal Oaks Flooring specializes in reclaimed flooring installation and finishing. We have a wide selection of reclaimed oak, reclaimed chestnut, reclaimed heart pine and reclaimed walnut. Working together with a local mill in Hagerstown, Maryland, we recycle 100-plus-year-old buildings, turning old building material into beautiful, one-of-a-kind flooring. Flooring is made out of the old building sidings, flooring, and beams. The finished product will have a very unique final look; boards will have all kinds of distressed looks like nail holes, wormholes, discoloration from years of exposure to weather and saw marks. All the reclaimed flooring is professionally custom milled just for our clients.

It takes a special team and lots of experience to work with reclaimed wood. This type of flooring project needs a perfect eye and vision to transform visually unappealing material into a stunning, unique, custom flooring showcase. Sanding and finishing can be very different than finishing newer unfinished floors. To keep the natural antique distressed look, floors can be finished with Rubio Mono Coat oil—a natural and green product—which leaves the surface of the hardwood floor with a protected beautiful, natural look. Additionally, these type of old floors can be beautifully stained and finished with Bona water-based finishes.

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