Hardwood Flooring Installation Gaithersburg, MDHardwood Flooring Installation in Gaithersburg, MD

Hardwood flooring installation is one of the many flooring services we provide. Royal Oaks Flooring is National Wood Flooring Association certified hardwood floor installer. All types of floors are installed according to NWFA guidelines. Our team of professionals provides exceptional craftsmanship for clients in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.  Hardwood flooring installation services include unfinished, pre-finished, engineered, reclaimed, nail-down, glue-down and floating laminate flooring. This includes any species and any size– regardless of whether it’s domestic or exotic flooring. Additionally, we can install hardwood flooring pattern and borders.

We are very experienced in the flooring industry and work closely with homeowners by involving them throughout the flooring project to achieve their dream floors. Hardwood flooring installation starts with correct preparation for the project and getting the job site ready for the installation. This includes taking moisture readings of the subflooring and checking the indoor humidity. When all moisture readings are right, the job site is ready for the flooring delivery. This allows the floors to become acclimated before the installation. Once the flooring has been acclimated and job site conditions are stable and in the range for proper conditions in the area, we can then begin the install.

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