Wood Floor Maintenance in Gaithersburg, MD

Said to lend a sense of warmth, beauty, and permanence to interiors, hardwood has been a popular flooring choice for centuries. However, hardwood floors require highly-specific upkeep that is essential for its longevity. At Royal Oaks Flooring, we are the ones to turn to for wood flooring maintenance in Gaithersburg, MD. Our specialists know how to keep your floors in top shape, and we happily offer a professional hardwood floor maintenance program, designed to keep your maintenance schedule on-track.

Our Hardwood Floor Maintenance Program

Our thorough multi-step process starts with a quick floor inspection to evaluate the current state of your floors. Next, we utilize specialized equipment and cleaners that are specifically designed for use on hardwood flooring. Our professional hardwood floor maintenance will result in deeply cleaned, freshly resurfaced floors that appear brighter than ever.

Through our maintenance program, we keep detailed profiles for each client we serve. This helps us track what work has been performed in your home and what work is still required to ensure you have eye-catching flooring. While our program already comes with a deep clean, we do make recommendations on how to better care for your floors.

The Importance of Timely Maintenance

At Royal Oaks Flooring, we recommend that our wood floor maintenance process be conducted annually for five to seven years. After that period, you will only need a quick, light sanding, followed by a fresh coat of finish. If this schedule is maintained, you should not have to refinish your floors.

When you sign up for our program, you instantly receive a free phone or email reminder when it is time to schedule your appointment. We are happy to set up these annual notices to ensure that your floors receive the maintenance they need when they need it.

Contact us today at Royal Oak Flooring to learn more about our wood floor maintenance process and to schedule an appointment. We proudly serve Gaithersburg, MD, and the surrounding areas.

MAINTENANCE TIP: Put small floor mats at all entrance doorways to keep out excessive dirt and grit.