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UV Oil Finish Flooring Gaithersburg, MDProfessional UV Oil Finish Flooring in Gaithersburg, MD

UV oil finish flooring services is an innovative way to refinish floors professionally and quickly. Royal Oaks Flooring is the only company in the DC Metro region certified to provide UV finish services.

Here are a few facts about this innovative process:

  • It is designed for both residential and commercial flooring.

  • It is 40% more durable than any other water-based finish.

  • It is a solvent-free solution, which means better indoor air quality.

  • Flooring is instantly cured on site with special UV lights.

  • As soon as floor is cured, it is ready for full use.

While these many benefits listed above are all great reasons to choose a UV finish, one of the greatest is not having to wait days to move furniture and area rugs back into place. Homeowners don’t have to wait to put their home back together. Homeowners who need to refinish floors before selling their home now don’t have to wait days to list. Additionally, owners of commercial buildings don’t have to inconvenience people in their buildings, impacting their business.

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